Event Planning Tips: Decreasing Your Rubbish Removal Expenses

If you are planning on hosting an event, you should ensure that you have a reliable strategy for handling the after-party rubbish. In general, it is advisable to have an experienced rubbish removal company handle the garbage on your behalf. These professionals are efficient, and they will ensure that the trash is disposed in an eco-friendly way. If you are concerned about the total expenses for rubbish removal after your event, you should use the below tips to reduce the garbage.

Avoid Using Plastics

You should not use plastic cups, plates and forks for your event if you are interested in reducing your rubbish. The total amount of trash generated when you stock up these disposable items is astronomical. Therefore, the disposal costs will be high. Moreover, if you use plastic items, you will contribute to environmental degradation. You should think about using standard plates, cutlery and glassware. This choice will contribute to a greener planet and reduced waste. You can use your own plates for small gatherings, or you can borrow from your neighbours. If the event is for commercial purposes, you can have the catering provide the dishware and glassware.

Use Washable Cloths

Paper napkins and paper towels can cause an increase in your total rubbish during an event. If you use these products, your event will contribute to the poor use of resources. In simple terms, your party will not be eco-friendly. Additionally, the papers will bulk up your waste collection bins unnecessarily. For example, if you provide disposable paper napkins for dinner use, most guest will utilise several sheets. Also, if the towels used for cleaning up the surfaces are made from paper the consumption will be high. You can minimise your total expenses by providing washable cloth napkins and using dish towels for clean-up.

Minimise Disposable Décor

You should decrease the use of decorative items which will need to be disposed of after the event. Otherwise, the clean up and rubbish removal expenses will be high. Under ideal circumstances, you should have a minimalist party without paper decorations, balloons and cut flowers. This choice is suitable for formal and close family gatherings. If you are holding a celebratory party, you should obtain decorative features from your party hire company. For example, they can provide wall coverings, table linen, chair bows and potted plants which will be collected after the party. You should also consider issuing electronic invitations to minimise paper waste.