Factors that Odor Control Consultants Consider when Addressing Foul Smell in Facilities

Foul odours are bad for business. The last thing you want is customers turning away once they set foot in your offices because the air feels stuffy or is unpleasant. The good news is that you can easily find professionals in facility odour control. Therefore, hiring an odour control consultant can save your business, especially if you have a strange smell on your premises. That said, odour control consultants must consider certain factors before implementing corrective measures. Read on to find out more.

Previous Deodorisation Attempts — When you first begin to smell a foul odour in your offices, the first thing you will probably do is buy air fresheners and hire commercial cleaning services. Although these efforts might help, they may not do too well in eliminating odours from stubborn or unknown sources. Therefore, odour control consultants need to know about any previous deodorisation attempts before they start working on your facility. Different chemicals in deodorants can exacerbate the problem and make it hard to control. Therefore, consultants stand a much better chance of successfully eliminating troublesome odour if they know about any detergents previously used and how long they were used for.

HVAC Maintenance — How frequently do you clean and maintain your HVAC system? Reputable odour control consultants must look at a facility's air quality management procedures. Notably, odour molecules are easily drawn into an air conditioning system, and it can be a big problem if you do not clean the vents and ducts regularly. Often, the HVAC system is the last place most people consider as a source of foul smell. People expect an AC system to produce fresh cool air. Any efforts by consultants might be unsuccessful if they do not inspect the HVAC system. Therefore, you should furnish consultants with your business' HVAC cleaning and maintenance schedule for perspective.

Workplace Pets Policies — Today, pets have become commonplace in the workplace. They are cathartic, which enhances camaraderie in the office. However, pets can be a source of foul odour if businesses do not know how to manage the animals. For instance, if a dog or cat urinates and rubs its body on the carpet or furniture, you have to deal with a terrible odour. Therefore, let your odour control consultant know if you allow pets in the office from time to time. They will advise you on ways of preventing pets from transferring foul odour to office furniture and carpets.