Avoid Extra Expenses on Your Skip Bin Hire

Skip bins are a quick and efficient way to dispose of waste. However, before you hire a skip bin, you have to make a few considerations to get the right bin for your budget. One significant thing you may have to consider is how much money you spend on the skip bin. The cost of skip bins will always vary depending on things such as the size of the bin and the company from which you hire it. The good news is that you can avoid extra costs on your skip bin hire and here is how you do it.

Book in Advance

Booking well in advance is one way to save money on skip bin services. That's because some skip bin companies may charge you extra for short-notice and urgent services. Therefore, if you have an upcoming project, such as a home improvement or simply home clean-out project, contact a skip bin company well in advance. You may get a favourable quote.

Pay Extra Attention When Choosing the Size

Skip bins are available in different sizes so you need to choose one that will accommodate the amount of waste you have. If you choose a smaller skip bin, you may end up wasting a lot of money because you will have to hire another one. Therefore, estimate the amount of waste you intend to dispose of before you book a skip bin. The best way to do this is to gather all the waste in one place. Doing this will give you an idea of the ideal size of skip bin that you will need. As a general rule of the thumb, always go for a larger size than you think will suffice. In some cases, the next size up will even be cheaper, which would be an added advantage.

Know the Type of Waste You Are Disposing Of

Not everything goes into a skip bin. There are strict waste disposal laws that skip bin companies are keen not to break. For this reason, there are different types of skip bins for different types of waste. For instance, some skip bins are meant for general household waste and others for garden waste. If you hire the wrong type of skip bin, your waste will not be collected and you will still be charged for the service. Therefore, when hiring a skip bin, remember to be as clear as possible on what you intend to dispose of so that the right bin is delivered.