Current Trends in Fire Extinguisher Technology

According to the regulations set by the Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) under the Building Code of Australia, every workplace is required to have fire safety systems in place. Part of the system entails availing fire extinguishers to the workplace premises. Additionally, at least one staff should have the ability to operate the equipment.

Most importantly, firefighting training for your team should be a continuous process. Therefore, it calls for management to be up to date with advances in fire prevention technologies. This article discusses the latest techniques in fire extinguishing systems that the administration of any organisation should be familiar with. 

Digital Flames — Use of real flames is the most common approach to firefighting training. It is attributed to the fact that using gasoline-fueled fire in practice helps staff get in the element. However, some people do not like getting too close to gasoline-fueled flames. If you have such persons among your employees, you can start their fire extinguishing training by using digital flames. When activated, the digital fire will only go off when the fire extinguisher is used correctly. However, if the equipment is not used as required, the digital flames will continue to escalate. This technology, therefore, eliminates fear and allows staff to learn how to use a fire extinguisher before using the equipment on real fire.

Throwable Fire Extinguisher — Another firefighting technology that workplaces should have nowadays is the throwable fire extinguisher. The technology will work well with employees who are not comfortable with operating a fire extinguisher on the real fire. The advantage of throwable fire extinguishers is that one does not have to get very close to a fire source. All one has to do is throw the aerosol canister into the fire where the powder inside will knock down flames and lower heat levels considerably. The extinguisher allows enough time to secure a water source that will be used to quell the fire further.

Exploding Fire Balls — These work the same way throwable fire extinguishers do, but they come with an added advantage in that they act as fire alarms as well. When thrown into a fire, exploding fireballs detonate within three seconds and release a powder that extinguishes the flame. With the alarm system, staff do not have to wait until they see flames to realise there is a fire. When used in training, exploding fireballs help improve the reaction time of staff since they have to respond accordingly to the alarm.