Why Your Pet Boarding Facility Needs an Air Quality Check

If you run a pet boarding facility, it's crucial that you get your air quality checked by a professional. Every day, cats and dogs bring pathogens with them when they're booking into your boarding kennels. These pollutants, in combination with toxins from other sources, contaminate the air in your facility, leading to a number of issues. Here are 2 important reasons why you should contact an air quality services company to deal with the problem.

Poor Air Quality Harms Pets

One of the most important things any pet boarder must do is ensure the animals they're looking after stay safe and healthy. However, while boarding facilities owners go to great lengths to promote the contraction and spread of diseases, many neglect to address other causes of health problems, like poor indoor air quality. While animals are more hardy than humans in many ways, their respiratory systems can be just as sensitive to polluted air. Exposure to toxins in the environment can lead to a variety of lung, throat and nose problems, and pets who already have breathing difficulties will be even more susceptible to illness.

If poor indoor air quality causes pets to become ill under your watch, you'll have a lot of angry cat or dog owners on your hands. The best way to avoid putting the pets and your reputation in jeopardy is to consult with an air quality services professional who can analyse your boarding facility and show you how to remove sources of air contamination.

Cleaning Often Isn't Enough

If you or your staff take the time to thoroughly clean your facility regularly, you may think there'll be few toxins and bacteria in the environment. However, while regular cleaning is one of the most effective ways to improve indoor air quality, it's not a catch-all solution.

First of all, it's highly unlikely that your cleaning products are killing all the germs in your facility; you may have noticed that many products only boast the ability to kill "99%" of bacteria. On top of that, if you're not use non-toxic cleaning solutions, you may actually be making your air quality worse. Most commercial cleaning products are full of lung-harming chemicals that are emitted into the atmosphere when you use them. And even if you are using non-toxic cleaners and getting rid of most of the bacteria on surfaces, there are many other sources of air pollution that aren't tackled by regular washing.

An air quality consultant can show you how to use modern techniques like ultraviolet irradiation to kill pathogens. They can also identify and tackle other sources of pollutants in your facility, such as faulty air conditioning, flame retardants and even many types of wall paint.