Bore Water Drilling: 3 Benefits of Using Trenchless Drilling

In recent years, Australia has experienced extreme drought. For this reason, many Australian households are now considering drilling a borehole on their land so they can extract water from the depths of the earth. If you are considering drilling for water on your land, it is important that you are aware of the benefits of using trenchless drilling. Below is a guide to two benefits of using trenchless drilling when bore water drilling on your property.

Trenchless drilling offers environment benefits

Traditional drilling techniques can cause a lot of disruption to the natural environment. For this reason, they are often opposed to by others in the community who are concerned about the impact the work may have on the landscape. Traditional drilling techniques involve removing large amounts of earth in an effort to reach down to the water table. This can create unsightly piles of earth. This type of work can also increase the chance that the excavation will lead to soil contamination. However, contractors who specialise in trenchless drilling are able to pinpoint the location at which pipes will be driven into the ground, removing the need for large-scale excavations. This means that the ground will not be unduly disturbed and your neighbours will not need to worry about large piles of earth spoiling the look of the local area.

Trenchless drilling can save you money

Because trenchless drilling does not require extensive drilling or excavation of an area, it is typically much quicker to carry out than traditional approaches. As with many things in life, when it comes to constructing a borehole, time equals money. Because a trenchless drilling service can complete the job in less time than a company which uses traditional methods, the cost of the work should be reduced. Trenchless drilling does not require the use of multiple pieces of heavy earth moving equipment which also reduces the cost of the workforce and heavy construction equipment hire.

Trenchless drilling protects existing infrastructure

It is quite possible that the land you plan to drill on is already home to existing infrastructure such as gas and water pipes and underground electrical cables. Because a trenchless drilling service is much more precise than traditional drilling methods, there is a reduced chance that existing infrastructure will be damaged.

If you would like to find out more about drilling a borehole on your land, you should contact a specialist company today for more advice and information.