Bore Water Drilling: 3 Benefits of Using Trenchless Drilling

In recent years, Australia has experienced extreme drought. For this reason, many Australian households are now considering drilling a borehole on their land so they can extract water from the depths of the earth. If you are considering drilling for water on your land, it is important that you are aware of the benefits of using trenchless drilling. Below is a guide to two benefits of using trenchless drilling when bore water drilling on your property. Read More 

Why Your Pet Boarding Facility Needs an Air Quality Check

If you run a pet boarding facility, it's crucial that you get your air quality checked by a professional. Every day, cats and dogs bring pathogens with them when they're booking into your boarding kennels. These pollutants, in combination with toxins from other sources, contaminate the air in your facility, leading to a number of issues. Here are 2 important reasons why you should contact an air quality services company to deal with the problem. Read More 

Current Trends in Fire Extinguisher Technology

According to the regulations set by the Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) under the Building Code of Australia, every workplace is required to have fire safety systems in place. Part of the system entails availing fire extinguishers to the workplace premises. Additionally, at least one staff should have the ability to operate the equipment. Most importantly, firefighting training for your team should be a continuous process. Therefore, it calls for management to be up to date with advances in fire prevention technologies. Read More